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» EXPRESS: You played football at Columbia University. Did that help you in doing this movie?
» FOX: I know the game well. If I didn't, I would've had to do a lot more research into the nuts and bolts of it. But since Matthew [McConaughey, his co-star] is also a student of the game, we were able to ad-lib lots of the sequences and get at the chaos of football.

» EXPRESS: How is it playing a real person as opposed to a fictional one?
» FOX: It's an enormous responsibility. But Dawson came to Hawaii and spent five days with me. His recollections really helped.

» EXPRESS: You dyed your hair red for this role. How did your kids react?
» FOX: They loved it. They get a really big kick out of it when I change things up.
» EXPRESS: You filmed "We Are Marshall" in West Virginia and Atlanta. How different was it being in the East as opposed to Hawaii?
» FOX: It was a big change. I had to go back and forth between there and Hawaii, and between Jack and Red, which was grueling. But being in Huntington was amazing. The accident is the glue that holds that community together. It's a really solid-feeling, all-American town.

» EXPRESS: You went to college in New York. Do you miss the East Coast?
» FOX: New York really does feel like my second home, and [as] for Southern California, I can't say I've ever felt that. But being in Hawaii has been a welcome change. Still, I miss seasonal changes and seasonal weather. I like being on the East Coast and wearing coats and hats, bundling up and feeling chilly.

» EXPRESS: How do you stay in football-coaching and Others-fighting shape?
» FOX: I'm not doing as much as I should be doing. But I try to run three times a week. Exercise has been a big part of my life since I was a kid. I love the feeling I get afterward.

» EXPRESS: How do you dress in Hawaii?
» FOX: I stick to the jeans and T-shirt look, but almost everyone there wears shorts. It's very laid back.

» EXPRESS: So what's your house like there?
» FOX: My wife and kids and I have a rented house on the beach. But I really miss having a home where artwork and paintings and things that are important to me are hanging on the walls — things that make it feel like a home.

» EXPRESS: You're a big music fan, right? What's playing on the sound system at your place?
» FOX: TV on the Radio and Modest Mouse. I've also been listening to the new Beck and Tool albums an awful lot.

» EXPRESS: How do you and your wife entertain at home?
» FOX: Fox entertaining is having people over and barbecuing, or even cooking some nice Italian meal and drinking a couple bottles of nice wine.


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